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History of Nautical Lanterns and Lamps.

Starboard and Port Navigation lights

The Use of these lights over the ages was to determine which way a ship was travelling at night and information can be found in Rules of the Road for navigation. Ships traveling toward each other have to pass port side to port side. These lights are also called the running lights on vessels and identify the starboard side with green light and the portside with a red port light. These should only be visible from a number of degrees facing the bow of the ship.

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These are modern reproductions of the traditional port and starboard lights

Ships traveling towards each other (bow to bow) know because of the rules of the road that should pass the oncoming vessel on the port side, which has a visible red light displayed. Both ships should turn to starboard, which is marked by a green light, to avoid the other oncoming vessel.

The Red light is called the Port side because port wine is red. The original name for the opposite side was Larboard, but over the years it was corrupted to Starboard.If two vessels are approaching each other and can see both Green(Starboard Light) and also see the Red (Portside light) than at that stage they are on a collision course.

Anchor Light.

This is are modern copper reproductions
of the traditional Anchor Lamp.

The Use of an anchor light on a vessel is to show other ships that the vessel is at anchor. It is a white all round light,usualy displayed at the top of the mast. They were widely used by old merchant vessels while lying at Anchor awating entry to Port .

Copper anchor light, Nautical gifts from

Cargo Light.

Starboard light and port light, Nautical gifts from

This is a modern reproductions
of the traditional type of Cargo Lamp.

Before vessels had electricity, the British sailors attached these Cargo Lamps to ropes which where fixed to the sides of the Cargo holds which allowed them to run up and down the fixed ropes. The sailors would then hoist them up and down the vessel's hold to check on the state of the cargo they where carrying while at sea. .

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Copper anchor light, Nautical gifts from

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