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This collection of Fine Solid Brass hand crafted Sextants are probably the finest reproductions of the traditional nautical sextants, which have been used in celestial navigation since 1757.The Modern Sextant is based an a design bought in by Captain Cambell, but the original Octant from which the modern sextant came was made by John Hadley about 1731.The sextants are workable but not meant to be used for serious navigation. They make ideal nautical gifts for those who love the sea, or are collectors of historic navigational instruments.

Solid Brass Sextant 8" x 9" 84.50

Nautical sextants 8 x 9 ,Nautical gifts, nautical sextant ,ships sextant, marine sextant and sextant picture
Brass 3" Sextant Full Round 17.50

sextant 3 full round sold in this nautical gift shop
Brass 3" Sextant Half Round 16.00
ships sextant and sextant 3 half round,sold in the nautical gift shop

Brass 4" Sextant Full Round 19.50
marine sextant and 4 full round sextant sold in nautical gift shop
  Brass 4" Sextant Half Round 18.00
Nautical gifts, executive gifts and 4 sextant sold in the nautical gift shop
Brass 6" Sextant Half Round 33.00
sextant 6 half round sold in the sextant section of the nautical gift shop

Brass 6" Sextant Full Round 38.50
 ships sextant picture

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